Thursday, March 8, 2012

All My Fortune

Okay, so this is coming a little late but all well... enjoy it anyway!
This year was mine and Jason's first Valentine's as a married couple.


And it was so fun! We didn't really want to fight the crowds for a place to eat dinner. So, instead we Red Boxed Car's 2 and had a picnic of
delicious Subway sandwiches on our front room floor.

 (The Lucky Bamboo was my Valentine gift from Jason last year! So cute and still alive!)

But this is not the story I want to tell today. Today, I want to share with you the gift that I gave to my eternal love...I gave him a treasure chest completely filled with all the fortune I had-to that point- been able to save up.

You see, back when we were dating, I ended up promising to give him my first million dollars. An empty promise, I am ashamed to admit. No way am I ever going to have one million dollars, let alone at the same time and I knew that when I made the promise. (Pretty sure he knew it too. Which means he really does love me, cause he married me anyway!)

 I wanted to do something special. Now anyone who knows me will agree with this next sentence. I make every project WAY more difficult than it needs to be! I start out with a teeny tiny idea, but by the end of the project it has grown 10 times to the 10th power. It is completely ridiculous and way more involved than it should be. I just can't help it. An idea starts to form and I can't hold it back. And so, as always this was the case. My original idea was to just get him a box of fortune cookies and some yummy candy and have a little laugh telling him that I finally had the million dollars. But then, to my great triumph, I was wasting away my day off of work on Pinterest and stumbled across a recipe for homemade fortune cookies. That's right, the wheels were already turning. What if I gave him a batch of homemade fortune cookies with my own fortunes? Oh man, this is good! 
But I didn't stop there, no way Hosea! You wanna see what I ended up with?

Wanna see a close up?

As you can see there is way more than just fortune cookies...Inside this treasure chest is a lot of candy goodness which equals lots and lots of money! Lets see, if we do the math, right off we can see $200,000 (plus another $100,000 snuggled underneath fortunes and lots of gold)+2 rolls of $100 bills (2 more rolls are hiding)+2 measly dollars+an entire gold mine+a few gold coins (tons more in the layers underneath)+some gold nuggets (again, lots more hiding)= I'd say way more than one million dollars!

And mixed in with all the candy are my lovingly made fortune cookies. They were pretty fun to make. But coming up and writing the fortunes is what was the most fun! Each of those cookies that you see had a sweet moment that we shared or something that I love about my husband nestled up inside. And that ladies and gentlemen is my fortune. Not the money or the gold. Just the moments and the memories that I have. And knowing that I have an entire life time and beyond to collect more!

What were the results of all my "scrimping and saving"?


 A very adorable tearful husband who realized...
there really wasn't a fortune in the box.
Just Kidding! Poor guy can't handle the awesome flash on my camera!
(Sorry Love! I couldn't resist!)

Okay, so really this was it...

Mission Accomplished!
He absolutely loved it!
 After digging through it a bit to soak in all the riches,
he handed me the camera and posed all by himself!


  1. i'm not even surprised your little project turned into a big one. haha you're such a sweet little wifey. oh and p.s. there are two purposes to a blog. to let everyone know what is going on with your life, and to post weird pictures of the husband. it's a fact of life.

  2. Love it! Such a cute idea. I'm so glad you have a blog. Now I know what is going on with you. (Since I'm such a slacker at calling.) Love you.