Saturday, March 24, 2012


In the five and a half years that I lived on my own, I had my share of roommates. Among them, my more than fair share of awesome roommates that I believe were heaven sent, 
perfectly timed to help me.
I lived with the same three girls for three years before I got married.
Three years is a lot of time to get to know each other, but it didn't take that long to form very strong bonds of friendship and sisterhood.
I felt that they understood me better than almost anyone.
One day, in a crafty mood, Whitney from as luck would have it and I decided we wanted to paint. Well, Whitney can paint...I can't. But I so badly wanted to paint my very own masterpiece. I decided I wanted to paint a "family portrait" that we could frame and put on the wall.
And this is what I came up with.

Each stick figure is painted, showing something unique about them.
I'm the one in the green dress wearing oven mitts.
Whitney is the tallest in the pink dress, barefoot.

The plan for this painting was to be put in a sort of shadow box with a few little trinket things that meant something to all of us.

This is as far as it got.
I bought the shadow box. And made the background with a flower I cut out with my Cricut and chalk rubbings. I won't lie, I think that part turned out really cute.

 Notice how it is all cloudy? Its because of the months and months of dust that has collected on it.

When I got married and started decorating our little apartment I came across my unfinished project and thought what am I going to do with this?

Today I finally found my answer!

 This is what I used: our wedding announcement pictures,
a frog that my high school friend drew for me during class
and three wishes we received at our wedding.
You can't read them so I will tell you what the wish cards say:
~"We Wish You Hop-ply Ever After
~"We Wish You Many Babies
and my favorite, written by one of my little nieces (spelling and all)
~"Dear Ness, I wish you fun Joy Happynis and a Grate time with Jasone"

*Going on a Tangent*
Jason and I got married July 2011. It was the most amazing day ever!
Or reception was frog themed...probably no surprise there. I had two goals: to have a party, not a reception and to have a frog pond/wishing well. I met and surpassed my goals. The party was a complete blast and I got my frog pond/wishing well. It was perfect! We had these cards for people to make wishes for us and we had a bucket to collect them in. One brother-in-law made the well and another brother-in-law painted the plain green bucket into what you see. It was amazing! And so super fun to read all the wishes we got from the people we love.

And so an unfinished project, way past due is finally complete!
I can't wait to get it hung up on our wall!

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