Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coming Soon!

So I left one tinsy winsy thing out of my Summer Summary post and figured maybe it would be a good idea to add it in.

The night I got home from Girl's Camp I started feeling sick.  It was kind of a weird sick that I couldn't really explain. But I felt pretty miserable.

Saturday turned into Sunday, then Sunday turned into Monday and I was still sick. I really didn't want to go to work, but I sucked it up and went anyway. A couple of hours into my shift I was ready to curl up and die. I made a few phone calls to have someone finish my shift for me, but there wasn't anyone available. I didn't care and went home anyway. A few hours later I got a text from a friend from work (who I had asked to finish my shift) asking if I had morning sickness. I immediately denied it. I wasn't puking my brains out or anything, no way could I be pregnant. But the question made me think and the more I thought, the more it made sense. When Jason got home from work I talked to him about it and we made a trip to the store for a test. It was an immediate and definate positive!

I AM PREGNANT!!! We managed to keep it a secret through the first trimester but now it is open to the world! I'm due Feb. 11 and couldn't be more excited!

We have nicknamed our little baby Nacho, due to a dream I had. And we think it fits perfectly. So if I start talking about a Nacho you will understand.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Summary

Wow! I have forgotten how fun it is to write up a blog post. I have been MIA all summer, so this post is just kind of a catch up...sadly with no pictures.

June started with Girl's Camp. What a crazy whirl wind getting ready for it. Which is what initially put a pause on my blog. What an amazing experience! I got to really know the girls in my ward. What sweethearts! They were so accepting of me and made me feel like I really belonged there.

June ended with my family reunion at Maple Grove. It's always a blast with my family! Days full of games, chatting and yummy food!

July 9th Jason and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We bought a new T.V and retired our million pound box. YAY! Jason took me to Olive Garden, The Lorax and Cold Stone. What a fantastic night! I am super sad that I forgot my camera and we didn't get a single picture. But it was such a fun night out. I love my husband so much and I sometimes really can't even believe that I get to spend the rest of my life and forever with such an amazing man! It completely boggles my mind that we have been married for a whole year already! But I am loving every second!

Also in July I got called into the Young Women's presidency as the second counselor. I love it! These girls are so amazing and fun and they are teaching me so much!

And of course July was filled with the Olympics! I grew up with my mom cheering on Team USA and she passed that on to me. Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, Track and a new one for me, Water Polo...and basically everything else they showed. I love it! Can't wait for the Winter Games in two years!

August opened up with a visit from two of my nieces for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. They loved walking through the mall and visiting all the different stores. We went for a picnic, made some jewelry, and a fun project with canvas and paint. It turned out really cute. We also took a trip to the Dollar Theater and Sub Zero. They loved watching their ice cream freeze right in front of them. The older one instisted she new exactly how it was done...Dry Ice. With all the fog, who could disagree?

My new little nephew Oliver (Natalya's baby boy) got blessed by his proud papa August 5th. He is so cute and precious! The event brought my dad and Debbie from California. It was really good to see them, though we didn't get to visist much.

 I got a new job offer as a nanny for my cousin's little baby and I jumped all over it. So last Saturday (Aug. 11) was my last day at Michaels. It was a bittersweet day but really I am super excited for this new road. This baby is so sweet and so good! Just an FYI, I am still teaching Jewelry Classes in the evening at Michaels if anyone is interested.

So here is a quick summary of our summer. I will have something fun up within the next few days, with something more exciting to read!