Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stringing Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Months and months ago I bought some red stringing wire on clearance at Michaels.  I decided to finally use it to make a cool bracelet.  It is a pretty simple concept, but a bit tricky at the same time.

Here is what you need:
Stringing wire, beads of your choice, crimp beads, crimper (or flat nose pliers), wire cutter and a toggle clasp.  That's it!

To start, cut your wire about 10-12 inches. Bring your ends together like you are going to fold the wire in half.  Just don't crease the middle.  Once this wire gets kinked it doesn't un-kink.  Slide the bar piece of your toggle onto the wire and bring it to the middle.  Next put both ends of your wire through your first bead and push it all the way to the end.

Now take your second bead and put one end of your wire through it.

Then take the other end of the wire and put it through the bead on the opposite side. 

And push it down as tight and as close to the first bead as you can get it.

Then add your third bead by slipping both wire ends through your bead.

Rinse, lather, repeat until your bracelet is done.  Be sure to end the way you started, with the last bead going through both wires.  (Remember that your clasp will add some length to your bracelet's final measurements.)

**The tricky part that I mentioned before is keeping the beads nice and snug and centered.  Just keep working it and pull the wires evenly**

When you have finished, place a crimp bead right up against your last bead to keep all your hard work in place.

The only black toggles I had on hand were dark black, doesn't quite match the hematite beads, so I wanted to use as little of it as possible. So this is how I finished mine, you can finish yours the traditional way if you want, it wont hurt my feelings.

I put a second crimp bead a little more than half an inch up from the first crimp bead, making a little loop. (Your loop will depend on the size of your toggle, you want the loop half as long as the toggle).  Then I cut the leftover wire as close to the crimp bead as I could get.

Ta Da! All done!  A basic,wire wrapped bracelet!

If you decide to try it out I'd love to here how it goes!

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