Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fast and Easy Ribbon Bookmarks

I am so excited to share this bookmark today!  Jason and I were reading our scriptures last night and I was playing with mine (I can't help but spin it around and around) and I thought to myself "I can't believe I haven't put this on my blog yet". So here we are!

These are so easy and fast to make with endless possibilities! And it looks so cute while doing its job!  This bookmark makes a perfect gift for the readers in your life.  I give them away all the time!

The one that I am showing you today is the most fancy because I included a charm and a bead cap, but the simple ones are probably my favorite. (But I really like this fancy one!)

We are just going to start with beads and ribbon (of your choice), head pins, jump rings (and tools to make them do what you want) and my trusty E-6000.

Start by measuring your ribbon.  Most of mine have been for scriptures so I do about 10 inches.  You want about an inch over hang on each side plus about a half inch on each side for gluing.  The beautiful thing about these bookmarks is that they are so versatile and you are making them.  Which means you can make them as long or as short as you want.  Just remember to add about a half an inch to each side for the gluing.  So measure your favorite novel, journal or textbook or whatever book you want and cut the ribbon.

Next slide your bead onto your head pin, make your pretty loop and attach your head pin to your jump ring.  Do both ends.

Now to finish off your bookmark, take an end of your ribbon and slip it through your jump ring.  Place a small dot of glue on the end of your ribbon, fold it over and glue it about a half inch up.

Squeeze it good and wipe away the excess glue that squishes out. Repeat on the other end.

Let your glue dry for a little bit before you handle it too much.  It shouldn't take long since there isn't that much there.

And that's it!  I told you they were fast and easy.  The hardest part is picking out your beads!

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